Keg 5000

Enjoy true cooking performance with authentic barbecue flavor. The patented Broil King KegĀ® is an innovative charcoal grill that offers many advantages over traditional charcoal grills and other kamado-style grills. Unlike most ceramic “kamado-style” grills, the Keg’s durable body is made of double walled steel with high-grade insulation in between. This technologically advanced design keeps the heat in, creating a very efficient, thermal convectionstyle oven while delivering superior cooking performance.

  • Heavy duty cast iron upper damper

  • Rust resistant porcelain coated cooking chamber

  • Heavy duty resin handles

  • Two front handle bottle openers

  • Insulated dual wall steel construction

  • Latch and lock lid mechanism

  • Removable steel ash tray with chrome damper

  • Removable resin side shelves with integrated tool hooks

  • Durable stand with large wheels for portability

  • High quality epoxy metallic charcoal paint finish

  • Trailer hitch compatible



Efficiency Chart