Enerzone invites you to a new experience in wood burning insert. The Destination 2.7-I
stands out at first sight with its eloquent cast iron faceplate adorned with a distinctive louver
and its large glass surface for an assertive, and distinguished style. Our design expertise
has been put to the service of uncompromising aesthetics and functionality. Despite its
large size, this tapered insert will appeal to the needs of smaller spaces. A cuttable faceplate,
a fresh air intake and a fire screen door are available for further customization.

Equipped with incomparable performance, this insert offers 80,000 BTU/h with an emission
rate of only 1.14 g/h; a value well below the next EPA standards. Require nothing less than
an Enerzone appliance to enjoy precious moments of relaxation in the comfort of your home!

➤➤ Recommended heating area: 750 to 2 000 sq. ft.
➤➤ Firebox volume: 2.5 cu. ft.
➤➤Maximum heat output (dry cordwood): 80 000 BTU/h
➤➤ Exterior dimensions (with faceplate): 43 3/4” W x 24 7/8” D x 30 1/8” H
➤➤Maximum log length: 20”
➤➤Minimum hearth dimensions (masonry opening): 31” W x 21 5/8” D x 25 5/8” H
➤➤ Premium quality 176 CFM blower with variable speed control: Yes


Front Width30-1/2"
Firebox Capacity2.5 cu.ft.
Log Size20"
EPA Emission Rate1.14 grams/hr.
BTU Hour Input80,000