Napoleon NZ-5000T

The High Country™ 5000 makes it easy for everyone to quickly enjoy a full and hypnotizing flame that complies to EPA Burnwise Cleaner Fireplaces program. This new unit has an optimized air intake system that includes horizontal and vertical airflow ridges in the firebox that supercharge the air flow below and behind the fuel load. This create extremely fast start-ups and pulls the smoke up, and to the back of the firebox for the ultimate clean-burning experience without any of the frustrations! Not only does the High Country™ 5000 look great but it has been engineered to be the easiest fireplace to operate in the market.

It also includes Napoleon’s ZERO GRAVITY™ door system that slides up into the wall and features a precision 4-way roller system that has been proven and pneumatically tested to the equivalent of 60 years of operation.

  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Black Andirons
  • ZERO GRAVITY™ Glass Door System 
  • Heat Resistant Gloves – Included

Napoleon’s High Country 5000 Wood Burning Fireplace is perfect for adding the impact of a European-inspired, clean face design, with the traditional look and feel of an old-world fireplace. Built-in horizontal and vertical air flow directional ridges supercharge the air below and behind the wood creating extremely fast start-ups and direct the smoke up and to the back of the firebox for the ultimate clean burning experience. The counterbalanced, ZERO GRAVITY screen and door operate with ease, making lighting, and loading of this fireplace effortless. Bask in the glow of a wood fire that will add impact and luxury to your favorite space.

  • Firebox aerodynamics allow you to open the door without drawing smoke into the room
  • ZERO GRAVITY™ glass and screen doors have precision 4 way roller system that has been proven and tested to 50 years of operation
  • ZERO GRAVITY™ glass and screen door operate independently
  • Flue damper and outside air damper close 100% when not in use to minimize heat loss
  • 10" diameter chimney allowed
  • Steel andirons in charcoal finish standard
  • Outside air control lever standard
  • Wide Viewing Area


Glass Size36-5/8"H x26-5/8"W
Firebox2.3 cu. ft.
Log Size25"