Gas Water Heating

Ambassador Fireplaces is the highest rated Rinnai tankless gas water heater dealer in the Eugene-Springfield area, and we provide installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial purposes. To accommodate a variety of install needs, our gas water heating products include natural vent, direct vent, and power vent varieties that often qualify for energy rebates.

The Rinnai Difference

Rinnai is the No. 1 selling tankless gas water heater company in the U.S. Hot water systems by Rinnai offer endless supplies of hot water for internally or externally mounted models and units of various sizes.


  • Heats water on demand without a storage tank
  • Has a natural gas or propane burner that ignites and heats water instantaneously when the hot water tap is on
  • Needs only half the space of a conventional water storage tank
  • Cuts energy costs by as much as 50 percent
  • Comes in smaller sizes that are ideal for vacation homes or homes with one or two occupants
  • Accommodates large capacity whole-home designs with multiple demand needs at once

The Natural Gas & Propane Advantage

Gas water heaters are built to last. Because the flame does all the work, there are fewer mechanical parts prone to wearing out, including electric elements, wiring or fuses that could fail and need replacement.


  • Heats water faster than electric water heaters
  • Gives greater supply of hot water for long, hot showers
  • Provides hot water even when the electricity goes out

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