Keeping Warm When the Power’s Out

Winter’s not over yet here in Eugene Springfield—and it pays to have a heating system that keeps you warm in ALL conditions. Like when the power is out!

During stormy weather—winter, spring and fall—it pays to have a gas fireplace, stove or insert that works when the power is out, a pellet stove or insert that works with a battery backup to keep it burning when electricity is cut-off from your home. Or, finally, a wood stove or insert—the old stand-by—that just needs a match and a stack of firewood to warm your hearth and home. We’ve seen it all so far  this winter in Lane County: ice storms, wind, heavy snow—and more unpredictable weather could be in the forecast.

If you have a gas stove or insert, you’ll either have a standing pilot light that should remain lit (or can be lit manually) or, on a more modern version there could be an intermittent ignition system like the IntelliFire™ Ignition System or IntelliFire™  Ignition System Plus from Heat & Glo. These have battery ignition backups that will make sure you have warmth even when you don’t have power!

The options are many, and Matt & Debbie at Ambassador Fireplaces are here to make sure you have the right heating system for your life, and your house. Stop by the showroom and take a look at all the great new options. They can answer your questions so you can make sure to stay warm this winter. No matter the conditions.