My Power Went Out—But My Heat Didn’t

It’s reassuring to know you will stay safe and warm even when the wind blows, the rain falls and ice and snow cover your neighborhood. The ability to keep the heat on during the storms of winter—power outages or not—makes the modern gas or wood fireplace a comforting choice to heat your home.

If you’re using a wood stove, or wood stove insert — like the Napoleon models we sell here at Ambassador Fireplaces you can stoke your fire and sit back and enjoy the warmth—and light—your fireplace provides regardless of the weather. Same if the power is out. Just be sure you have a ready supply of firewood on hand when the weather turns bad!

Be sure to note that some wood stoves and inserts are equipped with electric fans: when the power is out these models will not have the blower functioning. But burn they will—and clean, comforting heat will continue to keep you, your family, and your home warm and secure.

If you have a modern gas stove or gas fireplace, you can still stay warm, as well. Older models with standing pilot lights will remain ready to go at a moment’s notice. If they are connected to a powered thermostat you may need to manually override the control. And if you’re using a newer model with an automated ingnition, like the Intellifire or Intellifire Plus equipped models from Heat & Glo, you are protected with a battery-backup ignition system.

Every brand and each model may differ slightly in how you use the fireplace when the power is out. Please feel free to contact us directly or stop by our fireplace showroom. We can show you how to make sure your gas stove or fireplace, or wood burning stove or insert should be used when the power’s out.